Vitajte pri teste úrovne angličtiny zo začiatočníka na pokročilého. Na každú otázku je iba jedna odpoveď správna. Je potrebné vyplniť všetky otázky.

1. Manager: Where’s Mr Davidson? Assistant: Oh, he’s __ London today.

2. Amirah: Do you like cats? Chris: No, but there __ lots of other animals I like.

3. Andrew: Where __ Alicia come from? Martin: I think she’s from the United States.

4. Teacher: Tell me something about your parents, Lucas. Student: My mother and father __ both very tall.

5. Ayla: That’s a nice table, Sophie! Is it new? Sophie: Oh no, it’s my __ old dining table.

6. Emma: What do you do after school? Chloe: I see my friends. Do you visit people, too? Emma: No, I __ go out.

7. Katie: Is Charlotte at school today? Laura: No, she __. She’s not well today.

8. Alex: I’d like to make a cake. __ eggs have we got? Andrea: Three, I think. Let me check.

9. Ifrah: Which bus goes to the hospital? Antonia: __ the 236. It stops outside.

10. Father: Are we ready to go? Daughter: No, Mum can’t find __ hat.

11. Shop Assistant: Can I help you? Customer: Yes, I’d like to buy __ trousers.

12. Mother: Where’s that fish I bought? It was on the table. Daughter: Oh no! The cat __ it.

13. Amanda: I like your new sofa. Fahima: Thanks. It’s __ comfortable than the other one we had.

14. Alicia: I’m going to the supermarket. Do you want anything? Peter: Could you get __ milk, please?

15. Karina: When do you want to play football? Aniqa: I __ to play tomorrow, because I don’t need to go to work.

16. Manisha: What did you do at the weekend? Nicola: I __ tennis with my friend on Saturday.

17. Wife: Have we got any cheese in the fridge? Husband: No, we haven’t. I’m __ buy some this afternoon.

18. Laura: Where __ you last Tuesday? I tried to phone you. Beatriz: Oh, I was visiting my grandmother. I didn’t have my phone with me.

19. Miriam: Are you coming to my party on Tuesday? Brian: I’m really sorry, but I __ to take my daughter to the airport.

20. Saif: Why do you like running? Isabella: Because it’s __ way to keep fit.

21. Anna: Have you lived here a long time? Stefan: Yes, over 40 years. I know __ of people in this town.

22. Josef: Why didn’t you come to the cinema last week? Chloe: I wanted to but I couldn’t. I __ studying for that test we had on Monday.

23. Anna: That bird’s on the garden table again. I think it’s hungry. Juliana: Yes, look! It __ eat the bread we put there.

24. Sophie: How long __ married? Ying Yue: Two years. I met my husband when I was working in New York.

25. David: Have you __ that new film yet? Susanna: No, I haven’t. We could go on Thursday if you like?

26. Shop Assistant: Excuse me, please. Could I get past? Customer: Oh, I’m sorry. I’m getting in the way, __ I?

27. Wife: Advertising is a big business for musicians. Husband: Yes, musicians __ a lot of money for writing short pieces of music.

28. Son: Mum, I’d really like a guitar. Can I have one? Mother: OK, but if we buy one you __have to practise playing it.

29. Juliana: Do you like Brazilian coffee? Miriodere: No I don’t, because it’s __ strong.

30. Matthew: Would you like anything from the shop? Alicia: Yes, I’d like one of __ celebrity magazines, please.

31. Daughter: Mum, my computer is broken again. I really need a new one. Mother: I __ buy one if we had the money, but it’s not possible right now.

32. Mother: __ you packed your suitcase yet? We’re leaving early tomorrow morning. Son: I’ll do it later. It won’t take long.

33. Lucas: Do you play the piano, Natasha? Natasha: Well, I __ play when I was younger, but I’m not sure I remember now.

34. Martina: What did the doctor say about your stomach pains? Padma: He asked me what I __ for the last two days.

35. Daughter: Everyone has arrived apart from Pamela. Mother: Don’t worry, she phoned me this morning and said she __ be a bit late.

36. Vincent: Did you see the weather forecast? It’s going to be extremely hot this weekend. Pauline: I know, I can’t believe it! It __ since Monday.

37. Ameena: What colour are you going to paint the living room? Charlotte: I __ probably choose something bright, like yellow.

38. Victor: I’d love to go back in history to see how people lived hundreds of years ago. Simon: Me too! If I __ choose, I’d probably travel to ancient Rome.

39. Stephen: The concert was fantastic yesterday. You __ have come. Yuuto: I know. I wanted to, but I had to work late.

40. Katie: Would you like to go sightseeing or to the beach this afternoon? Matthew: I don’t mind, I’ll let you decide. Katie: OK, let’s go sightseeing, __ we?

41. Amanda: It said on the news that the president also owns all the national newspapers. Andrew: That __ be right! I don’t think that’s true.

42. Assistant: That meeting was really difficult. What would you have done if you __ in my position? Manager: Oh, I think you managed it very well.

43. Natalia: My new smartphone doesn’t seem to work. Katie: Oh dear! Perhaps you should take it __ and ask for a refund.

44. Chris: I wish I could be with our cousins … Alison: Me too! By this time tomorrow they __ on a Greek beach while we’re revising for our history test.

45. Son: Are you OK, Mum? You don’t seem very relaxed. Mother: I just wish I __ an aisle seat so that I could get up and walk around more easily.

46. Nicola: I love this picture, but won’t it cost a fortune? Victor: No, it’s just a copy. The original, __ is a portrait of the artist’s friend, sold for €4 million!

47. Laura: I can’t believe how talented this artist was. Emily: I know, it’s amazing. __ he was almost 90 when he did them, his paintings are beautiful.

48. Andrea: I want to buy some new shoes for the winter. Shan: Well, I __ looking for a new pair of boots for weeks, but I can’t find anything I like.

49. Client: I don’t have much money – just enough to __. Accountant: Well, let me suggest a way of helping you save more.

50. Pablo: In April next year I __ here for ten years exactly. Alison: Wow! It really doesn’t seem that long.

51. Student: Is it true that it took Bell and Watson ages to invent the telephone? Teacher: Yes. When they finally succeeded, they __ on it for about 30 years.

52. Rachel: This would be a lovely place to sit on a dry day. Natasha: Yes, I know. I just wish the rain __.

53. Student: What’s today’s lesson going to be about? Teacher: Today we’re going to learn about a tribe __ descendants live in Lima, the capital of Peru.

54. Andrea: Did your town have a good market? Katie: Yes. When I was young we __ there every Saturday looking for bargains.

55. Daughter: Joanna has been really supportive. I’m so lucky to have her as a friend. Mother: Yes. Just think – if you hadn’t sat next to her in class at school, you __ so close now.

56. David: Did you see the headline this evening? Nicola: Yes – the Prime Minister was __ to resign today.

57. Student: I’m concerned about the chemical test results I’ve just had from the river. Professor: It __ be a good idea to check the acid levels as well then.

58. Aamir: They’ve just announced that our train has been delayed. Laura: That’s annoying. We __ have rushed to get here after all.

59. Liam: So, your Dad’s got a laptop! Cian: Yes, I bought it for him last year – until then he __ a typewriter!

60. Isabella: The flight is fully booked, so I won’t be able to go to Barbados next week. Safia: If you __ the ticket sooner, you’d have found a seat.

61. Receptionist: You __ taken a taxi to the hotel since you arrived so late. Customer: It was OK, actually. There was a direct bus service from the airport.

62. Sophie: Have they finished interviewing for the manager’s position yet? Rafi: No, but they __ all the candidates by next Friday.

63. Athlete: __ hard I try, I can’t run any faster. Coach: You’ve improved a lot. I wouldn’t worry about it.

64. Laura: That’s a really beautiful painting. The colours are so vivid. Jeremy: Yes, it’s amazing to think it was lost for years and __.

65. Charlotte: I saw the photos from the film festival. Was that you with the actor from The Hobbit? Niall: Yes, it was! __ did I imagine I would ever actually meet him.

66. Pauline: I hear you got soaked on the golf course this morning. Chris: Yes. I wish I __ listened to the weather forecast.

67. Laura: How was the meeting? Ricardo: It finished late because Victor didn’t arrive until 5 pm. He told me he __ been given the wrong directions.

68. Andrew: I picked up some of that cat food you wanted. Pedro: Oh good. Once __ to these new cat biscuits, they won’t want to go back to the other stuff.

69. Antonia: Has your son done well in his exams? Phillip: Yes. Only once __ he wasn’t sufficiently prepared, but he can take that one again.

70. Son: I had a bit of a stomachache this morning. Mother: Oh dear! Well, I did say you __ eaten that chicken last night.

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